Fearless, funny, and feral, I get the answers other psychic mediums and animal communicators don’t. The animal kingdom gives me courage, my own pets keep me humble!

With Spirit’s love and the unlimited wisdom, wit, fur and slobber of the entire animal kingdom, you’ll wonder where the fluff I've been all your life and receive messages that’ll change your life. Throw yourself a bone and Book Your Reading Now. Your jaw will drop, your mind will be blown and your heart lovingly sewn.

Shannon Spring, M.Ed., PhD-og, has helped thousands of people and their pets worldwide live happier, healthier lives. Any Species, Any Challenge, Anywhere! Wherever you and your furry and human loved ones are, we can connect with laughter, love, extra fur and slobber...and evidence!

Are you ready to be empowered with direct answers to your challenges? To connect with beloved departed loved ones and experience grief relief? To finally be the person your pet knows you can be?

Animal & Pet Readings

Schedule Animal Communication Reading to help your animal family with behavioral, emotional or medical challenges. Or get to know your pets in a fun new way, and understand what they’re thinking and feeling. Get answers to serious and silly questions and be the best possible pet parent you can be. Connect with beloved pets in Spirit. Yes, they know you miss them and they’d love to connect with you.
Pets don’t need to be present for a reading. They can be eating, sleeping, in the tub or at a nightclub! The process is the same. Telepathic communication is a heart-centered intuitive intention and connection. Animals don’t need cell phones or zoom to talk with me! 😻🐶

Psychic Guidance

Schedule Psychic Guidance Reading if you need support on any life challenge including: love, family, career, health, or any area where you need direct answers and loving support. Unlike a therapist, I will go beyond asking what you think you should do! When we’re stressed, it can be harder to hear our own wisdom. Sometimes readings confirm what we already know and help us move forward. Other times it’s a wake up call that helps us see things in a new way and make small or big changes to create a happier, healthier life. We do not talk with animals or deceased loved ones in these sessions. 🔮


Schedule Mediumship Reading to connect with family and friends that have passed into Spirit. Many people receive comfort, grief relief, peace and often closure to unresolved feelings or questions to assist in healing wounds keeping you stuck in pain or guilt. Reconnect with your loved one’s wisdom, love and humor or seek to let painful issues rest in peace. 🌹

Baby Readings

Connect with your baby and discover what they're feeling and thinking about their new life. 😇 Moms and dads will be absolutely amazed at hearing things from baby’s perspective! What would baby like you to know about them, their dreams, and what messages they have for you? Discover this and so much more in these fun and positive sessions filled with love and laughter. Babies in person, womb, and spirit. ❤️💜 We meet via Google Meet or FaceTime. Please email baby photos or I can work without when needed.

Book a Pet-People Combo Reading and talk to your entire multi species family!

Shannon is fluent in all species including the living!

❤️ You can spend years crying to a therapist over how much you miss your loved ones, or you can spend an hour with Shannon and talk with them. The Rainbow Bridge and Spirit World are open 24/7. 🦋

😳 You can freak out with anxiety wondering what’s wrong with your pets or be empowered with insightful answers directly from your pets. 🥰

🐾 Gain valuable insights to guide your vet care or training session. Give your pets a voice and a choice over their lives. 🐶😻

🥳 Experience the relief you need from letting a REAL psychic medium support and guide you with honesty, compassion and a shortcut to peace. 🌈


Events & Parties

In Person Events in Sarasota and Tampa Bay, Florida. Email us for travel requests. All events available via video session too for incredible connection, messages, answers and fun. Let’s chirp on how to design the best event for your group’s needs.

We also offer pet programs for kids!

All of our animal programs teach valuable life skills like empathy, responsibility, leadership, communication skills, kindness, and humor. Because being a good pet friend means being a good person. Join the pawty!

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- Stephanie Lindenberg 

"Shannon gave me a perfect reading, it was like a beautiful dance."

I didn’t even really believe in this and wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was amazing. I’ll never look at my dogs the same way again. It’s incredible how much our animals know and what a difference it makes connecting with them this way. She’s the real deal. You should definitely hire her. She also brought through my mom and dad and the evidence they’re still with me was incredible. It made me cry and laugh a lot too.”