Heartfelt Testimonials


— Andee Ondina | Hospital Manager
VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital

"I wanted to make Technician Week very special for my hard-working veterinary staff. I knew that speaking with and learning from a gifted animal communicator would be the perfect “thank you”. Most of my staff were believers but we did have some skeptics. By the end of our session, we were all amazed and true believers. Shannon gave us valuable insight not only for our personal pets, but the animals we see every day at the clinic. Shannon is truly a phenomenal animal communicator. She is spirited (pun intended), funny, intelligent and honest. 

After her visit with us, you can feel the difference in the staff, hospital and our clients. She opened our eyes and minds to things one would not usually consider, even after working in the field for countless years. We are truly grateful for the time we have spent with her and highly recommend having her spend some time with your veterinary staff."

"It was an incredibly enlightening experience. "

"The reading of Amanda Tigress was my first experience with someone who said they could communicate with animals."

"I had no idea what to expect, but for those of you unsure about this, Shannon is the one to go to for a life changing experience and clarity on what an animal thinks and feels. I cannot put into words how much Shannon blew our minds when relaying Amanda’s messages of things that weren’t public knowledge. Amanda referenced the fact that she’s the REAL BEYONCÉ and Shannon had no way of knowing, but Amanda did, that our secretary had re written the lyrics to ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, about another female tiger here and Amanda was jealous!

–Holly Kopacz, Big Cat Rescue Tampa

Shannon also brought thru so many things that were happening behind the scenes here, all things Amanda had been witnessing like a production crew! I have a new understanding of how our cats think and feel, how aware they are of everything being said and done around them. Shannon’s energy is amazing and all she wants is happiness for the animals and their people. Amanda is one of the strongest and wisest of cats I have had the honor of meeting. Thank you for providing me with knowledge, confirmation, and comfort on all levels where these beautiful souls are concerned. Their happiness is my happiness, and Shannon, you helped me understand on a much deeper level and I will forever be grateful to you for that."

- Cathy Lawrence

"You are truly gifted and I am so grateful that you connected so lovingly to my precious kitty. Of course she chose you for this. You’re just like her, playful, loving and determined. You truly listened and got answers that others couldn’t. I will highly recommend you to every pet parent I know. Oh and I’m still laughing about the cherry on top joke. Daisy never misses a chance to show off !"

"You saved Daisys life! I can’t imagine if I handn’t found you. "

"My horses have made a FULL RECOVERY!!!"

I don’t know what we would have done without you, Shannon! You’re a miracle worker! We could not get them to settle down, they were so restless and unhappy. I swear you went inside their souls and retrieved their joy. Our horses are our babies and you’ve given our babies back to us. I’ll be sending all of our friends to you, with love and gratitude…

- Sheila Donaldson

-  Love, Cesar Dog

“She is still amazed as her friends are by some of the things I told you. We are both much happier because of it.”

"Dear Mayor Puppypants, Thank your mom for the wonderful reading she did to bring peace to my mommy."

I didn’t think my tortoise would have much to say, but boy was I wrong! 

Since my reading with Shannon, and learning about Burp’s preferences and wants, my little guy has been much happier and more active which I’m thrilled about. I was also so surprised by Burp’s sense of humor lol! Shannon relayed his jokes about his food, and accurately described changes we had made to his environment that he was not happy about.

I realize now just how much he truly observes and feels and how left out he felt compared to his dog siblings. Shannon was able to help him be a happier turtle, he’s “come out of his shell, ready to party”, is enjoying his “window seat and turtle tv” and I’m happy to say he’s sleeping less. THANK YOU SHANNON!

- Tammy Cromartie Ford

- Tory Peters and RJ in Heaven

“I have had a few experiences with other spirit readers and have never had a reading that was so spot on and detailed as your reading. Nearly all of the information you provide from my boy RJ was 100% accurate. When I told you that your reading was truly a gift to me, I meant it. You told me things that only my RJ and I knew and shared. You made me laugh, smile, remember, cry and connect with my RJ again. Thank you Shannon. Your gift is an amazing one and definitely meant to be shared. Your words are worth a million dollars! Keep up the good work.”

"My pet reading experience with Shannon was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

- Deb Volk, Cesar’s mommy❤️

"You have an amazing spirit and connection. I was a skeptic until you brought a few things to the table that were not anything you could have ever known, but helped me in so many ways! My friends were blown away and want a reading now too! You are a very strong, kind, caring, humorous woman and I’m so grateful to you for blessing us and others. CESAR HAS NEVER ENJOYED ANOTHER DOG AS HE DOES MPP. HE ALWAYS WANTS TO VISIT AND CAN’T SEEM TO TAKE HIS EYES OFF OF HIM. VERY UNUSUAL. Your dogs are as magical as you."

"I don’t know if you truly know how much you’re helping people and their pets."

- Crystal Mouzon

"It was so clearly him, the incredible evidence of our time together with his silliness and joy and it brought me so much peace to feel his love again, and to know what he’s up to “up there”. You have a special gift and will help so many grieving people heal their hearts.”

"Thank you so much, Shannon for connecting me with my Bingo in Heaven."

- Terry Meeks, Four on the Floor Training

You are a very talented animal medium. Today I got my reading of Smooch. It was truly amazing the things you told me that there is no way you could have known. As you know, I recently began fostering for a dog rescue and was having some jealousy issues with one of my personal dogs. Being a dog trainer and this Smooch’s mom, I tried all of my tricks of the trade and was getting nowhere. Having you intervene and help Smooch understand that no foster will take my love from him (or the other “perks” of being my boy) has made my life not only easier, but safer. Smooch is completely back to his old sweet self. You are a life and sanity saver. Thank you so much. So much fun! Do yourself a favor and schedule a reading!!!!! THANK YOU. SHANNON!!!!!

"Hi Shannon, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the help you gave me and my kids (dogs)."

- Terry Meeks, Four on the Floor Training

"I will follow his advice about changes to make to his diet (he was eating a food that had phenobarbital the euthanasia drug in it unbeknownst to his mom); and am so relieved that he isn’t unhappy, he just has preferences like all of us for what we like and don’t like. And the song he chose for what will make him happier makes perfect sense, as it truly represents our life and what he needs. Thank you. I cannot believe this was your FIRST ever pet reading! You are amazing and I’m so glad we met.”

"Your reading was so informative and beautiful. I’m so impressed with what Rommel shared."

- Rhiannon Light

Her compassion and care with the work she does is so inspiring and I cant wait for our next reading. Shannon gave me priceless information on what my animals were feeling and thinking and actions I could take (given by my animals) to help make their life more comfortable and just all around better. Her connection to the animal realm is beyond extraordinary and I highly HIGHLY suggest you give Shannon a chance to help your animal-and you at the same time. It’s a true healing experience. Where can u be better as a human? Your animals can show you- if you will listen. They know everything- and Shannon is a great messenger or medium for those who don’t have comprehendible language (to us). My reading was very powerful and it made me laugh and it made me cry- so hard. It was just incredible the things Shannon told me. Are you ready to actually UNDERSTAND your animals? Shannon is the one to help you. And her own personality aside from her passion and work is so fun and energetic and quirky and all things good and bright! She just sparkles!! Thanks Shannon❤️❤️❤️“

"Working with Shannon has been incredible. She is truly an animal in human form."

- Jody Shaw

We are building a house and had to tear down several trees and I felt a lot of empathy towards the trees having to be torn down. Shannon was able to access the trees and said that they appreciated my empathy and had never felt that before and we’re grateful for me and the love that I gave them. We discussed many local animals including Bear, Raccoons, Coyotes, Deer and more. I loved hearing all there thoughts and how they were watching us and loved our energy. I felt so loved by the animals and felt not nearly alone as I thought we were on our 4 acres of property!

I am a repeat client because my sessions with Shannon are such a joy and I see results too. She helped us with our dogs by giving insight into what was causing their behavior issues and how to resolve them. We had tried many other approaches, but Animal Communication sessions with Shannon are what finally worked! Can’t wait for next time. Thank you Shannon! ❤️

"Shannon worked with me and we discussed many of our wild animals and trees here on our 4 acres of property on West Virginia."

- Lynete Naughton, Owner of Three Dog Bakery, Sarasota

"I can understand him and see his personality come out so much more now. He’s always been a fun and crazy pup. But now he’s so mellow and happy. I’m so happy to be able to understand him! Thank you Shannon"

"Thank you for the reading on our boy Buckeye. I definitely look at him in a new light."

- Rosenda Calloway

What a beautiful and heartfelt experience for me and Tom. She brought through their unique personalities and they responded so well to her. Not only was she able to share the thoughts and needs of our girls, she was also able to communicate with our two cats in Spirit (one form Toms childhood). A definite WOW experience!”

"OMIGOSH! I just had Shannon read our twin cats."


I am still blown away. Thanks for BOTH songs. I’m so amazed at how much the animals have to say and how well you bring it all through.

"Thank you again for the wonderful reading. Donna cried when I gave her Cosmo’s message."

- Sergei

It’s been incredible to see things through their eyes and have them guide me on my path. I always know our sessions will lead to great things in my life.

I can’t thank you enough for helping to save Merlins life in the emergency session. You brought through his need for surgery, his extreme pain level and without your suggesting we go against the vets protocol, he would not have made it through the night. I am so grateful.

"Shannon, I can’t thank you enough for all of the psychic guidance you’ve given me through the hawks messages."

- Diane Oberlander, Volunteer Suncoast SPCA

She has provided great support and psychic insight on how our animals are doing and how we can best help them be happy and healthy in their time with us. She talks with them and finds out what they’re thinking and feeling and they share everything from what kind of family they want, to how they like their name, what they need medically and behavioually, and what their wish list is. We have seen great improvements after applying the things learned form the animals. Shannon makes it so much fun and I trust her completely. She is invested in the success of every pet I bring her way. She calls them her family and they call her up telepathically whenever they need to! Shannon can change the lives of animals waiting for homes because she listens and she cares and she would do anything for them.

I’ve also had personal readings for my own pets and parents and it was a wonderful experience.

"I have reached out to Shannon many times for help with our adoptable animals."

- Marie McGurn

You brought such peace to our lives during such a turbulent time. Because of you, we were able to peacefully accept Ruby’s transition knowing she was excited about her new adventures. Penny is doing pretty well although she still looks for her Sissy. We are so grateful to you! We know when it’s Penny’s time, she will have one paw on both sides too.

Update: Both girls have given us so many signs they’re still with us, just like you said they would. Specific things you told us would happen we have now received form our girls. I can’t thank you enough for this gift of your extraordinary abilities.

"Shannon, thank YOU for the amazing gift you gave us by sharing your communication with Ruby and Penny."

- Tracy de Chevron

"Look at them now, side by side enjoying each other, (mom captioned photo, “So this happened!”) Thank you so much for your help Shannon! I really appreciate it. The cats are doing great now, even sleeping together and hardly fighting anymore at all, it’s a dream! He’s a good boy now and there’s peace!"

“My cats were not happy with each other and so I met with Shannon to see how she could help."

- Holly Kopacz, Big Cat Rescue Tampa

"I am very open minded, however this was going to be my first experience with someone who said they could communicate with animals. I had no idea what to expect, but for those of you who are unsure, Shannon is the one to go to for clarity. Her energy is amazing and all she wants is happiness for the animals and their people. Amanda is one of the strongest and wisest of cats I have had the honor of meeting. Knowing that she is watching over my boy in his time of need gives me a level of comfort I cannot put into words. Thank you for providing me with knowledge, confirmation, and comfort on all levels where these beautiful souls are concerned. Their happiness is my happiness, and Shannon, you helped me understand on a much deeper level and I will forever be grateful to you for that."

"When contact was first made over the possibility of receiving the reading of Amanda Tigress, I was excited, but curious in every way."

- Candace T. Botha, Publisher, Suncoast Pet Magazine

"Shannon’s informative communication with Lucy was filled with numerous recommendations for what I can and should do to bring comfort and care to my beloved pup in the weeks and months ahead, including special “treats” Lucy and I wanted to try! I highly recommend an animal reading with Shannon; she is more than willing to spend the time needed to answer any questions you may have and delivers your pet’s messages with love, humor (when appropriate) and skilled perception.”"

"Shannon touched on all aspects of Lucy’s life – emotional, physical and spiritual – and while her medical prognosis is not good, she did let me know that Lucy is a sweet, loving and happy girl who is thankful that I kept her with her sister, Rikki, when I rescued both pups many years ago."

- Much Gratitude, Bill Lea, Wildlife Photographer

"Sniffer is extremely smart and sociable with some of the humans he knows. I can just hear Sniffer voicing many of his thoughts you have captured.

I will definitely be re-reading this numerous times to gain greater insight into Sniffer’s personality and deeper thoughts. I thank YOU for taking the time to share your knowledge and skills so I can gain an even greater understanding of this wonderful and incredible bear I have come to know over the last couple of years. Thank you, Shannon. As I have re-read everything – giving it all more thought – I have caught many more deep thoughts I can really relate to. Lots of good points. Thank you again. I sincerely appreciate you Shannon."

"Thank you very much for sharing Sniffer’s wit and wisdom with me – I truly appreciate it."

- Sandra Sexe

"I’m fairly certain that Baby set this meeting up in the first place. I haven’t ever been one to do something like this, but something told me to go for it. Shannon made the reading a relaxed, easy, fun experience with laughter and a few tears. I can tell how much she feels the pain and cares deeply about everyone involved.  

My sweet Baby answered many questions that I didn’t even ask Shannon to talk to her about and brought up things going on that showed me that she is still with me every day. She showed her sassy attitude to Shannon, and she made us both laugh. She made it clear how much she loved me, looked up to me, and is still watching over me. She even gave me a few gifts! I am very happy that I had this special way to connect with Baby and know that she is happy and taking after her mommy by teaching the puppies in Heaven. Until REUNION day! Thank you, Shannon for using your gift to help heal broken hearts."

"My sweet Yorkie, Baby, had only been gone a few weeks when I met Shannon."

- Stephanie Christianson

"She has helped them to reassure me, advise me, joke with and love me. She’s respectful yet irreverent, relaxed yet willing to do extra research to figure out the significance of a reference, and above all, caring. Her love for the animals shines through everything she does. Thank you, Shannon! I am so appreciative."

"Shannon has done two readings for me but has brought messages through from four pets."

- God bless. Lucy Miller

"It made me feel so happy and so honored that they felt they had a happy life. The part about St. Francis was especially moving. When you said that they had helped me heal. I now know what it was. Someone had broken my heart and they helped save me. You are amazing. What does it feel like to communicate with spirits?"

"I cannot tell you how much I loved our session."

- Kim Hilliker

"You can tell that she truly cares about her clients and their pets. I was very hesitant to use another pet medium after my first experience with another pet medium, but I am so glad that I was introduced to Shannon. What a night and day difference! Shannon came highly recommended and I am so glad that I connected with her. The experience with Shannon was excellent and she made it so easy to connect via zoom. I’ve already had two sessions with Shannon and so look forward to more in the future!  "

"Shannon has been a huge help & advocate in helping guide us to find our stolen dog."

- Maria First

"We had no idea he had throat cancer until you sensed that in him and we got him treated just in time. We had been to specialists and you were focused on the adrenal tumor. Eli told you that wasn’t the issue and it would go away. You were right. You are very gifted and we are so grateful."

"You saved Eli’s life! I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to helping us and getting accurate answers to health challenges."


- Amber Morrisey

"From simply holding a photo of his headstone, she was able to deliver the very message I’d hoped for that brought tears of relief. She tuned in so clearly to Peter that she described him in great detail from what he wore in the only photo I have of him that she didn’t see, his career, his sense of humor, something he’d done that he regretted, specific ways he watches over me now, and named the thing he always brought me as a gift. She also brought through great memories of my grandfather from only holding a necklace of his! Believe her when she says Spirits come through her in the most unusual ways! I think they choose Shannon because she has the most open heart, fantastic sense of humor and upmost sensitivity in how she delivers the messages. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SHANNON!”

"I asked Shannon to see if she could get a message from my cousin in Heaven, there was something I’d always wondered about, but I didn’t tell Shannon what it was."


- Velanie Paryzek

"Shannon was able to communicate information from my sisters that no one would ever know except ME. I had never discussed my disabled sisters with Shannon and yet she was able to relay messages so raw and personal that it was shocking. It’s good to know there are people like Shannon who can connect with loved ones; very comforting! If you have questions you want answered, reach out to Shannon to help provide you with answers. Highly Recommend!!!"

"Hard to find words to express how grateful I am that I met Shannon who has a special gift like no other. "

- Kristine Disney

"During my session, I expected to only talk to grandparents, but my mother came forward, and in actuality she was the person who I needed to talk to the most. The messages Shannon channeled from my mother was, without a doubt, the exact information I needed to heal those old wounds. It was life changing! I still have work to do, but I would not be able to get this once and for all healed had it not been for Shannon’s session. She is quite gifted and I never had a doubt that the information that came forth was from family members. I highly recommend her."

"I reached out to Shannon during a time when I was working on family of origin issues and past trauma in my life."

- Erin Hughes, LMT

"You captured Carol’s essence absolutely spot on. From the second I reached out to ask if you were doing people readings, Carol popped in and you shared a line or two that I knew it was her. Waiting for our session and then the second you started sharing what came through, I knew undeniably that she was there. It was so beautiful and perfect and just the most special gift you could have given me.

Shannon made the entire call feel like the most loving and connected experience. The time flew by and yet I felt so filled inside my heart with so much love and happiness. Even with this loss of a dear friend, it felt so beautiful to connect and have the most peaceful and loving knowing that she’s literally “right there” just a thought away.

Shannon, YOU ARE JUST AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you! You will be my go to gal from now on when people ask if I know someone who can connect to our loved ones who have passed!!!"

"Carol’s Reading! It’s with such fullness in my heart that I say “thank you” to you for your amazing words bringing my friend forward from the Spirit world to my ears and heart!"

- Kelly Strausbaugh

I wasn’t skeptical going into it, but I wasn’t sure what to expect – this experience has given me a lot of confidence as a mom, having more of a handle on what my sweet little one wants and needs from us! There were a ton of OH, WOW! moments – little things that were pretty personal, sweet moments that I haven’t shared with everyone, so it was incredible to hear those called out. All of the things I prayed for when we found out we were having a girl, a lot of those prayers are being answered. One funny moment – when I was pregnant, I always joked with the girls at the doctor’s office, and at the hospital during delivery, about Beyonce – during the reading, Shannon mentioned several diva-related moments AND also Destiny’s Child… she meant it a few ways, but if you’re not familiar with the connection – Beyonce was IN Destiny’s Child. So that was pretty fun! Shannon also mentioned a song, it happens to be the EXACT song that all of the women in my husbands’ family request at weddings. Apparently, our girl has a lot of business-savvy ideas and philanthropic interests, which mirror my current business – so it’s really neat to know that we’ll share those interests! If you’re a first time mama or just curious to see what your babies are thinking about, I highly recommend this experience. Shannon has a great sense of humor and you can tell she’s incredibly open to helping walk you through the process of understanding your results. I think this would also be an incredible gift to a new mama – it will make you the most popular relative or friend at the baby shower!

"Wow. Just wow! This reading was incredible and very insightful."


- Jennifer Rust

"Although our daughter was still in the womb, Shannon was able to connect with her. Our conversation with Shannon was amazing; filled with laughter, tears and everything in between. We gained so much insight into what our little girls likes and dislikes will be and how excited she is to join our family as well as some really descriptive situations that we may face down the road as a family. A lot of what Shannon shared really resonated with my husband and I, but we were also given a few tips and tricks that we had never thought of before. Overall our experience was amazing and this is something I would recommend to anyone having a baby. It’s fun to get some insight into your little one and we think it will be even more fun seeing what comes to fruition as times goes by. Thank you so much Shannon!!"

"We were lucky enough to meet Shannon through a mutual friend and learned that she was starting to offer infant readings."


"Absolutely the most fun my kids have ever had without getting in trouble for it!"


- Bob Williams

"She is not only a great Animal Communicator, but she’s also a talented teacher and comedian. Her stories of her pet sessions will have you crying from laughter and relief too. She’s helped bring so much joy to so many animals. She taught me how to listen to and connect with my own pets. I know this class will make me a much better pet mom. Shannon gave me so many great ideas and inspiration through her incredibly well organized material and games. I will be signing up for more classes!"

"Shannon’s Woofshops are a hoot! "

- Samm Wehman Epstein

"Shannon provided us with a family session on our pack, those presently with us and also recently passed. Our experience was very positive and a lot of fun, having a conversation with your dog is so entertaining! Their words, thoughts, questions and conversation was each so true to their personality and individual quirks, Shannon’s interpretation of their messages were very accurate. Her time spent talking with us was appreciated, Shannon is warm and approachable and feels like a genuine friend you’re spending your time with while she shares her gift. We got questions answered and having a two way conversation of both talking to and listening to our pets really was an eye-opener into behavioral issues, anxiety/insecurities and individual needs within our pack. We have already started meeting their requests. Manny “the sailor” had a day swimming at the beach today, Onyx the playful soul has a new bark box subscription coming so he can fantasize about chasing the UPS driver, and Kimmie’s honesty and integrity has helped us better keep an eye on her and understanding her body language she conveys to us. The connection with our recently lost dog in spirit helped validate a connection we felt that she was still with us, and her encouragement and spiritual enlightenment about moving on in our existing lives and comforting our other dogs with their issues was heartwarming and uplifting. We are very grateful for Shannon sharing her gift with us. We enjoyed the experience so much and wish we had infinite time as we keep thinking of more and more things we wish we could ask our dogs. The experience was truly astounding. "


- Monica Smith

“This was absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had. Shannon’s gifts blew us away! We were all roaring with laughter at how well our pets know us. She also inspired us to become better pet parents because we should all do our best to listen to and honor our pets wishes. Many of us have made major changes and are even having fun doing it! Shannon is a true Party Animal! The most fun guest ever, who shines the spotlight on our beloved fur kids. Our pets love us so much and Shannon is an angel on earth.”


- Deb Holland

"Shannon has such a generous soul! She is willing to personally take on your troubles for a brief bit in order to give you insight and perspective. That is the most selfless thing that I can imagine!"


"But, time and again when Shannon has done readings for me, I deeply feel her wisdom and caring. She is able to visualize the important aspects of your questions; and delivers the answers with hilarious humor and true grace. Shannon’s gift for tuning in to what we may not see is beyond amazing and incredibly valuable, no matter is too big or too small for her!!"

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