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OPEN MIC FOR ANIMALS : Evidential Fairy Tails

Unleashed: Valentine's DAY 2024

Shannon Spring has been a featured expert on major news outlets and social media channels including:


Magic Mike is Shannon's 1st cat adopted at Humane Society Sarasota. 

Meow along with Magic Mike to "OPEN MIC FOR ANIMALS" Audiobook
Narrated by Author, Shannon Spring 

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What the Fluff is Animal Communication?

Q & A with the Author

A: Are you?

Q: Are you insane?

A: The same way we travel around the world in dreams. A spiritual passport. I energetically meet them in my heart, soul, and mind. (Sometimes, we share snacks.)

Q: How can you talk to animals you never meet?

A: Are chocolate chip cookies better than oatmeal raisin?

Q: Do you like animals better than people?

A: Have a field day with this book. Buy it, and create a viral campaign to ban it! But, if your animals are suffering, call me. 

Q: What do you say to skeptics?

A: Yes, but I’m not housebroken and don’t like being leashed.

Q: Are you up for adoption?

A: The unconditional love of the animal kingdom- the funniest souls I know who raised me as their own cub. 

Q: What are you most grateful for?

A: The Big Bad Wolf can blow my brick house down any day!

Q: Would you date outside your species?

 A: I perform stand-up comedy with them. 

Q: Do you see dead people?

A: No, I’m spiritual. I don’t believe God is a bearded old white dude in the sky. We are more than our bodies, energy never dies, magic is real, and animals are angels on Earth.

Q: Are you religious?

A: Buddy the Elf- an unapologetic kid at heart who lives on sweets and creates magic everywhere he goes- lightening the hearts of those who lost their magic.

Q: Who is your role model?

The only real question is: Do you believe in the magic of animals?


“Shannon is a natural-born storyteller and truth warrior. Open Mic For Animals is a powerful, magical, and funny book. By bravely unlocking her caged spirit, Shannon continues to free countless animals who need a friend with a fearless voice. You'll love this book that will heal your heart and open your mind’s eye.” 
- Deborah King, spiritual leader and NYT best selling author of Be Your Own Shaman and Heal Yourself - Heal The World.

“I know Open Mic For Animals will amuse and delight animal lovers across the globe. She leads people into an unseen world giving hope and a connection to love and life that’s so different from everyday existence.”

-Amy Luwis, Author of For Dog’s Sake! Creator of the viral cartoon, Red and Howling

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