Professional Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium & Humorist. 


My evidence based psychic mediumship readings help people better understand their animals and themselves. I get answers to behavioral, emotional and medical challenges, and communicate with animals and people in Spirit. Readings spare needless suffering for pets and people, and provide grief relief, comfort, connection, laughter, love and closure.

I also offer baby readings and can relay messages from anyone unable to fully communicate including: dementia, autism, or stroke. These intuitive conversations change lives when people and animals are heard, understood and valued. Their requests are often very simple, and they just need a kind, gifted messenger.

“Any Species, Any Challenge, Anywhere!” 


I graduated from The Citadel with a Masters in Education and Boston College with a B.A. in Human Development & Communications.

I’ve studied with world renowned mediums and authors on animals, spirituality and the afterlife including animal expert, Dr. Maia Kincaid; and at The Findhorn Foundation where I was awarded a grant to study animal and nature communication. I’m trained in the Let Animals Lead Reiki certification program and I’m a National Speakers Academy graduate.


Other Places You’ve Seen Me

I’m also Founder of Just Humor Me™️ Recess for Adults… Laughter for the Soul! I deliver funny keynote presentations on laughter and wellness, and lead humor and creativity retreats. Having fun is essential to being great pet parents and animal friends. Adopting rescue pets is a great way to add more love and joy to your life and theirs!

As a child, I believed all animals go to Heaven. 

I was devastated by the death of my first dog, Teddy and a school priest who told me “Dogs don’t go to Heaven.” I KNEW he was wrong, and grew up to have many animal friends who proved how very REAL animal communication is; and how without a doubt, they not only went to Heaven, but watch over me daily. From prophetic dreams where they share messages, to seeing their spirits, to visitations of all kinds- my furry family barks on in the most beautiful and comical ways. They add great faith and fun to my Earthly days.

I have a fierce integrity and commitment to reducing and relieving the suffering of another’s broken heart, whatever their species. 

Everything I’ve been through- from medical issues to trauma, grief, and unanswered prayers made me a stronger Communicator. During our time together, your family becomes my family. Everyone’s in loving hands and paws with the Spring family here and beyond. This joyful work is a spiritual, non religious experience, although I do believe animals are angels. Whatever you believe, may “The Great Paw in the Sky” watch over you. Peace, fur, and slobber be with you always!

Sharing laughter with the Animal Kingdom is my favorite kind of party. The “Rabbit Hole” is real, and life has shown me how much magic is around us and within us when we’re open to experiencing it. 

I live differently than most people, spending much time in realms some deny exist, but that many adventurous souls join me to explore.

Everyone can experience their own awesome signs that there’s so much more to life than what most people see.

We’re all energy, and energy never dies- whether person, animal or tree. It’s easy and fun to talk with animals and spirits in higher dimensions. What’s supernatural to us is just an average day for animals! 

I was guided to choose a door in a hallway in my mind. When I opened the door, I stepped right into NARNIA! NARNIA is the land of talking animals celebrated in the C.S. Lewis Book, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (my favorite childhood book.)

There’s a mystical world of freedom, fun, and life everlasting that we can see, hear, and feel when we remove our self imposed limitations.The animals, nature, our own souls, and our loved ones in Spirit are waiting to talk with us.

A natural born Medium, my skills were realized in stages. Including: a levitating, kundalini awakening with an angel; a life changing nap in a forest; and a hypnosis session.


Are you a party animal?

People can doubt and debate whether or not there’s a party going on they can’t see, hear or feel.

The animals and I are going to keep enjoying the party. RSVP as you wish. Your two and four footed friends are just waiting to be passed the microphone. So, who would you like to talk with? 

Skeptics are welcome.


This FAQ answers most questions about how readings work via video conference worldwide or house calls in Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Florida. I’m available for speaking engagements nationwide (if my animals sign my permission slip.) 

Readings can change lives and are a special gift to give yourself or a loved one. Legally, please remember this is for entertainment purposes and is not a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, or veterinary care. Even Sniffer the Bear here knows that!

(Thank you, Photographer Bill Lea for helping protect bears by telling their stories through photos.)

What if I’m a skeptic?

You’re in the right place. It’s normal to don’t things that sound too good to be true. Evidence should be clear and personal to your loved ones. Don’t block miracles and magic though by putting up a brick wall. That’ll waste your time and money and my talents. This is a partnership between the spirit, client and medium. Crack a window open in your heart and mind and stay open to the love, laughter and healing that awaits. 

Some messages are universal, similar to how most pets like play and affection. (But not all, and not the same type.) Most people want their families to be proud of them. But, not all spirits have the same messages or convey them the same way. Messages are multi layered from her words spoken, intonation, cadence, personality style and unique relationships shared. It’s ok to play Test the Psychic a bit, but if that’s all you wish to do, you’ll miss out on the magic because you’re raining on your own parade. Stay open,breathe, listen and trust on the loyalty of your loved ones. They guide the sessions through me. 

You should always feel a medium has the essence of your loved one present. I am very connected to the essence of each client, spirit and animal. The connections happen rapidly. It’s great to have questions, but don’t obsess over any particular one. Go with the flow, and enjoy the show. You’re more likely to receive what you need when you trust. So only hire a medium you feel comfortable has integrity and authenticity. 

Is there a waiting period before contacting a deceased loved one?

Not really. Mediums will differ on this, but the reality is there is no set rule. If your grief is raw and you don’t feel you’d be able to process messages,then it’s best to wait until the eye of the storm has passed. But, Spirits of all species have safely arrived into their new forms and can see, hear and feel you instantly just as they did here. When you feel ready, they are ready. It can be valuable to follow up with them 6 months, a year or anytime after your initial session to experience more connection as their souls and yours continue to evolve. 

Is it ever scary connecting to “the other side”?

No. The pain we go through as people is what’s scary. Spirits are at peace and can help us feel more at peace when we connect with them. The more transparent you live your life, the more open your soul will be to receiving messages and making positive changes. Some people hide from themselves. Spirit simply shines a loving spotlight upon us to help us celebrate our connection with them, learn and grow. Above all, they want us to live our lives with love, courage and fun. We will all be reunited one day, so live your best life until that day. Keep loving, laughing and remembering them. They love seeing you happy and the higher your energetic vibration, the easier it is to feel their love. They will also reach us in times of feeling grief. They don’t go anywhere. They are right here now. Like a one way mirror that I can help you make a two way mirror. 

People who harmed you here cannot harm you “there.” Spirit has a much better law and order system than we do here. I can deliver messages as needed from anyone who harmed you, but trust they can never harm you again. And I always ask permission from you if I sense our session heading into sensitive territory. Peace be with you, with all of us. 

Do mediums grieve their departed loved ones too?

Yes. I grieve, cry, yell, and get angry at pain and loss. And then… like a giant rainbow with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies underneath, my pets and spirit friends rush in with signs that leave me cheering like I’ve won the afterlife Super Bowl. 

I never doubted their love for me here, so why would I doubt their love for me now when they’ve become limitless? My surrender and trust to my furry and human family is rewarded with their palpable joy and freedom- two things they most want me to feel here. 

They never left me, know what I’m up to and hold my hands and heart until one day I get to be a superhero like them, and do the same for someone else. I do my best to be that superhero now for my clients. Your loved ones LOVE you. They will come through for you. I’ll help you recognize the signs and hear their messages. Death is a process with a party on the other side of the door. Open the door to LOVE, there’s nothing to fear.


No. I am spiritual. I believe we are souls with eternal life. I don’t believe a bearded old white dude judges and punishes us. I believe we are all connected and that our afterlife will be as different as we are. We all have a ticket to the big show. Some will get priority seating and better snacks… depending on how much kindness we lived. Animals, of course should always get the first piece of cake. 

Depending on your beliefs, religious figures do drop in. It’s a wild guest list in terms of who appears. Jesus, Buddha, Angels, Nature Spirits, The Cheshire Cat, every animal you’ve ever loved and the people you dearly miss. Humans think in black and white terms. Spirit is a colorful explosion of love. One belief system doesn’t cancel out another’s. What we think of as impossible, is just a simple card trick in spirit form. Magic is real. Limits are lies. 

So, whether you’re a skeptic, an atheist, agnostic or a devout Bible reader, rest easy. It’s not a competition! There’s room for everyone, but no room for hate or discrimination. Also, if you don’t want your piece of cake, please pass it to me.

why get a reading (1 of 2)

Below are common reasons people get readings. You can also book a combination reading for support that crosses categories. ❤️

 Schedule Psychic Guidance Reading if you need support on any life challenge including: love, family, career, health, or any area where you need direct answers and loving support. Unlike a therapist, I will go beyond asking what you think you should do! When we’re stressed, it can be harder to hear our own wisdom. Sometimes readings confirm what we already know and help us move forward. Other times it’s a wake up call that helps us see things in a new way and make small or big changes to create a happier, healthier life. We do not talk with animals or deceased loved ones in these sessions. 🔮

 Schedule Animal Communication Reading To help your animal family with behavioral, emotional or medical challenges. Or get to know your pets in a fun new way, and understand what they’re thinking and feeling. Get answers to serious and silly questions and be the best possible pet parent you can be. Connect with beloved pets in Spirit. Yes, they know you miss them and they’d love to connect with you.

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why get a reading? (2 of 2)

Pets don’t need to be present for a reading. They can be eating, sleeping, in the tub or at a nightclub! The process is the same. Telepathic communication is a heart-centered intuitive intention and connection. Animals don’t need cell phones or zoom to talk with me! 😻🐶

Schedule Mediumship Reading to connect with family and friends that have passed into Spirit. Many people receive comfort, grief relief, peace and often closure to unresolved feelings or questions to assist in healing wounds keeping you stuck in pain or guilt. Reconnect with your loved one’s wisdom, love and humor or seek to let painful issues rest in peace. 🌹

Schedule Pet/People Combo Reading to connect with animals and people here or in Spirit or receive psychic guidance too. Keep in mind how fast time flies in readings. Book accordingly. 🙂

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who comes through in a reading? (1 of 2)

Whomever you’d like to hear from! We can communicate with a person or pet on Earth or in Spirit, no matter how much time has passed; and whether or not you’ve met in person. Energy is energy (and therefore accessible), and messages can be downloaded by a trained medium from “the Spirit cloud,” much like you can download files onto your computer. It’s kind of weird, unless you’re Alice from Wonderland… then it all makes perfect sense. Luckily, Shannon spends signifciant time with the White Rabbit!

 Adventure awaits as we work together to connect with your two or four footed family. The more open you are, the more you’ll receive from our session. Your human and furry family are by your side, and just a conversation away. Please know your loved ones can always hear you without a professional Medium. I can help you hear them back, facilitate two way conversation between you.

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who comes through in a reading? (2 of 2)

Here are two great examples of how close our loved ones are…

 A woman who was connecting with her dad through me received many evidential messages, but couldn’t make sense of why he kept mentioning a frog. She laughed, “I have no idea about any frog.” I advised her to let her heart and mind stay open. As soon as we hung up, she burst out laughing and messaged me: “Shannon, I forgot that I’ve been cross stitching a frog picture all week!” Her dad was acknowledging he could see what she’s up to! Even an imaginary animal can communicate to a real dad. 😉🐸

 A cat in Spirit kept telling me to tell his mom “It would be nice if you put my face in the locket! And pass the Milanos.” Mom pulled out the locket from under her shirt, opened it up and it was empty. She said, “I’ve been meaning to put his picture in it! And my husband is always eating Milano cookies! Family that pass are still a part of our daily lives, and guide me to bring you what you need from them.

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how do spirits come through?

Spirits communicate in many creative ways including: words, images, memories, movies, songs, book titles, themes, cartoon characters, timeless references, humor, etc. I see, hear and feel things that your loved ones alive and deceased send through me. I’m delivering messages from their Spirits’ perspectives.

 Many things will make sense right away. Other things will resonate later that day, month or a future date. Each reading is a unique, special partnership between the Medium, the Spirit, and the Client. Remember, you don’t need a medium for your loved ones to hear your thoughts. They are always listening. I can be of service facilitating two way conversations, so you can hear them too. 

How to Prepare for a Reading (1 of 3)

1. Optional, but appreciated : Send photos of pets or people with names at least a day in advance of your session to I also work without photos. 🔮

2. Time flies VERY fast in sessions, it helps to organize your thoughts in advance. Begin with your primary concerns. You’ll get a 5 minute warning before our time’s up. We start and finish within your paid allotted time. It’s ok if you’re not sure what to ask, just don’t save big things for last. 💜

3. I don’t text clients. Do not send any info by text or social media. Note your CELL number on your contact form in case I need to reach you the day of session. 🌻 Please use email to contact me and phone if urgent or to schedule emergency session 727-483-0400.

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How to Prepare for a Reading (2 of 3)

4. Be in a quiet, private place during your session. Only clients may be present unless a guest is pre approved. Messages can be very personal, and it’s important the energy is focused on your needs. Please advise of any family members you wish to have present. This is for your protection and benefit, and there is a golden reason behind this rule. Animals are always welcome. 🐾

5. We'll meet by Google Meet. You just need to click the link. Please check technology is working and know how to use your mic and camera. Please arrive on time. Extra time cannot be allotted for client tech issues. Sessions may be AUDIO recorded only, no video and NO portion of session may be shared to social media. 🐬

6. Remember, Shannon is the messenger, and will always deliver your loved ones’ messages exactly as she receives them. Telling you what you want to hear isn’t kindness. Relaying the truth of what’s being said is kindness. Major transformation occurs when clients are ready, listen, and take action when necessary. 🦋

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How to Prepare for a Reading (3 of 3)

7. Pets should be comfortable for the session and don’t need to be present. Please don’t force them to sit by you. It’s a telepathic process, allowing loved ones in Spirit to be present too. 🐾❤️😇

8. Breathe. You’re in good hands and paws here. The more open your energy is, the more you’ll receive. 🌹

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House Call Readings/Private Events

House calls for private animal communication or mediumship readings are available in Sarasota and Tampa Bay areas for an additional cost. When you book your session, please note who will be present and their relationship to you, such as family or friends. Note your goals for the session and provide your home address or venue location in the notes field when booking. You may also email this info.

House calls are designed for two hours, unless otherwise customized, and allow for pet and people family to come through if desired, and as time allows.

Party Animal Events and Family Reunion Events are for in person or zoom sessions to connect with animal or human loved ones. Both event types allow for pet and people family to come through if desired, and as time allows. Additional time is needed for larger parties with multiple individual readings. Please email us with any questions on how to design the best event for your group’s needs.

what questions can I ask?

Here are some common questions for pets…

What do you need to be happier and healthier?
How do you like your food, vet, living situation?
How would you feel about us adding another pet?
What is causing your medical illness and what can help?
What kind of signs do you send us to let us know you’re still here?
Are you ready to transition/what do you need?
What name would you like to be called?
What messages do you have for your people?
What do you most/least like to do?
How do you feel about my partner?

Mediumship Questions

What messages or memories would you like to share?
What signs do you send/when are you most near me?
What are you doing now in Spirit?
What advice do you have on my life, love, work?
How was your passing?
Ask what your heart needs to know. There are no guarantees for how they answers, but Spirit provides great evidence of their presence with you and desire to help you heal. My wish for you is that you sleep in peace and wake in joy.


Pet readings spare animals needless suffering and save people time and money.

“The animals have so much fun with you and feel so loved in your communication with them. It’s an absolute JOY working with you, Shannon! You have a beautiful heart and spirit that’s healing animals and people.”

- Dr. Maia Kincaid, Author of Chats with Cool Cats

I speak Animal, Baby, Afterlife and WTF
(What the Fluff!)

The Cheshire Cat is my favorite muse.

Sometimes I sleep-teach!

I think bears and tigers are sexy...but, only date humans!

I eat chocolate upon waking.

I unapologetically laugh at my own jokes. 

Here are some fun facts about me:

That's enough business talk!