Professional Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium & Humorist. 


My evidence based psychic mediumship readings help people better understand their animals and themselves. I get answers to behavioral, emotional and medical challenges, and communicate with animals and people in Spirit. Readings spare needless suffering for pets and people, and provide grief relief, comfort, connection, laughter, love and closure.

I also offer baby readings and can relay messages from anyone unable to fully communicate including: dementia, autism, or stroke. These intuitive conversations change lives when people and animals are heard, understood and valued. Their requests are often very simple, and they just need a kind, gifted messenger.

“Any Species, Any Challenge, Anywhere!” 


I graduated from The Citadel with a Masters in Education and Boston College with a B.A. in Human Development & Communications.

I’ve studied with world renowned mediums and authors on animals, spirituality and the afterlife including animal expert, Dr. Maia Kincaid; and at The Findhorn Foundation where I was awarded a grant to study animal and nature communication. I’m trained in the Let Animals Lead Reiki certification program and I’m a National Speakers Academy graduate.


Other Places You’ve Seen Me

 I lead comedic keynotes, humor and creativity retreats, and laughter in wellness and recovery programs. Having fun is essential to being great pet parents and animal friends. Adopting rescue pets is a great way to add more love and joy to your life and theirs!

As a child, I believed all animals go to Heaven. 

I was devastated by the death of my first dog, Teddy and a school priest who told me “Dogs don’t go to Heaven.” I KNEW he was wrong, and grew up to have many animal friends who proved how very REAL animal communication is; and how without a doubt, they not only went to Heaven, but watch over me daily. From prophetic dreams where they share messages, to seeing their spirits, to visitations of all kinds- my furry family barks on in the most beautiful and comical ways. They add great faith and fun to my Earthly days.

I have a fierce integrity and commitment to reducing and relieving the suffering of another’s broken heart, whatever their species. 

Everything I’ve been through- from medical issues to trauma, grief, and unanswered prayers made me a stronger Communicator. During our time together, your family becomes my family. Everyone’s in loving hands and paws with the Spring family here and beyond. This joyful work is a spiritual, non religious experience, although I do believe animals are angels. Whatever you believe, may “The Great Paw in the Sky” watch over you. Peace, fur, and slobber be with you always!

Sharing laughter with the Animal Kingdom is my favorite kind of party. The “Rabbit Hole” is real, and life has shown me how much magic is around us and within us when we’re open to experiencing it. 

I spend time in realms some deny exist, but that many adventurous souls join me to explore.

Everyone can experience their own awesome signs that there’s a world beyond what we see.

We’re all energy, and energy never dies- whether person, animal or tree. It’s easy and fun to talk with animals and spirits in higher dimensions. What’s supernatural to us is just an average day for animals! 

I was guided to choose a door in a hallway in my mind. When I opened the door, I stepped right into NARNIA! NARNIA is the land of talking animals celebrated in the C.S. Lewis Book, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (my favorite childhood book.)

There’s a mystical world of freedom, fun, and life everlasting that we can see, hear, and feel when we remove our self imposed limitations.The animals, nature, our own souls, and our loved ones in Spirit are waiting to talk with us.

A natural born Medium, my skills were realized in stages. Including: a levitating, kundalini awakening with an angel; a life changing nap in a forest; and a hypnosis session.


Are you a party animal?

People can doubt and debate whether or not there’s a party going on they can’t see, hear or feel.

The animals and I are going to keep enjoying the party. RSVP as you wish. Your two and four footed friends are just waiting to be passed the microphone. So, who would you like to talk with? 

Skeptics are welcome.


Pet readings spare animals needless suffering and save people time and money.

“The animals have so much fun with you and feel so loved in your communication with them. It’s an absolute JOY working with you, Shannon! You have a beautiful heart and spirit that’s healing animals and people.”

- Dr. Maia Kincaid, Author of Chats with Cool Cats

I speak Animal, Baby, Afterlife and WTF
(What the Fluff!)

The Cheshire Cat is my favorite muse.

Sometimes I sleep-teach!

I think bears and tigers are sexy...but, only date humans!

I eat chocolate upon waking.

I unapologetically laugh at my own jokes. 

Here are some fun facts about me:

That's enough business talk!