Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium

Animals and Spirits talk to those who listen. I’m listening. Who would you love to talk with today? Book a reading and let’s talk to them now. 

Ever wondered what your animals are thinking and feeling?

Missing a person or pet that’s passed?

Need help resolving pets' behavioral, emotional or medical challenges?

Reduce stress and suffering. Get answers from a fresh pawspective today. 

🐾 How will you know it’s time to say goodbye?

🐾 What do your pets need to be happier and healthier?

🐾 Are you considering adding a new pet to your family?

🐾 Receive signs your pet and people family in spirit are still with you. 

If you could ask your pet anything what would it be?


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Animals and Spirits communicate in many creative ways beyond words. Pets don’t need to be present for a reading. They can be eating, sleeping, in the bathtub or at a nightclub, the process is the same. It’s telepathic communication- a heart centered, intuitive intention and connection. It’s always a soul to soul chat, whatever the species, including humans!

Paws in Gratitude to Angel Teddy who helped Shannon get sober.
You can do it too. ❤️

You don’t need to hire a medium for your loved ones to know you love and miss them.

They hear you whenever you think of them. I can facilitate two way conversations between you. Heal your heart and feel their presence in a safe space. I understand grief and am here to share their love, laughter and relief.

I’m talking with someone’s pet or person right now!

Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium

Hi, I'm Shannon Spring

I’ve communicated with thousands of animals world-wide, and helped them live happier, healthier lives, reducing suffering and getting answers to behavioral, emotional and medical challenges. 

I also connect with deceased pets and people in the afterlife to help relieve grief, and provide evidence their lives continue and love for you lives on.

My psychic mediumship readings provide practical spiritual guidance for life’s challenges… like dealing with the living! Book a reading today for what your heart and soul need.

Any species, any challenge, anywhere!

Unleashing on Valentine's Day!

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OPEN MIC FOR ANIMALS: Evidential Fairy Tails


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Animal & Pet Readings

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Animal Communication and Psychic Mediumship Services


Events & Parties

In Person Events in Sarasota and Tampa Bay, Florida. Email us for travel requests. All events available via video session too for incredible connection, messages, answers and fun. Let’s chirp on how to design the best event for your group’s needs.

We also offer pet programs for kids!

All of our animal programs teach valuable life skills like empathy, responsibility, leadership, communication skills, kindness, and humor. Because being a good pet friend means being a good person. Join the pawty!

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Narrated by author, Shannon Spring, purchase audiobook here:

Listen along to OPEN MIC with Magic Mike!

Animals speak truth-straightforward, common sense, no filters. Animals trust Shannon because she’s one of them. Spirits joke she killed them with her comedy. And clients are so happy they return to her for many lifetimes! Read testimonials.

How does animal communication work? Do they speak English?

Whether your pet questions are serious or silly, Shannon gets answers and serves as your pets' translator. Have fun learning what your pets are thinking and feeling, and transforming your relationships with them. Animals have extraordinary intelligence, emotions, free will, humor and a universal awareness and wisdom that might surprise you. What do you think your pets most want to say to you?

Entertaining, educational and fur and slobber from all species. Launching 5/23. MEOW NOW. Hit subscribe and share with your pack.

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- Dr. Stephanie Bauer

“Thank you SO MUCH for that wonderful, spot-on reading yesterday. It's always so lovely and brain-exploding to spend time with you."

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