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Animal Communicator/Psychic Medium/Humorist

Hello, I’m Shannon Spring, M.Ed., Founder of Mayor Puppypants Unleashed. I’m a Certified Animal Communicator, as well as a Psychic Medium, Psychic Detective, Humane Educator, and Animal Advocate. I work with animals of all species throughout the world on behavioral, emotional, and medical challenges, and those who’ve crossed into Spirit. Clients also hire me just for fun, to better understand what their pets are thinking and feeling.  It’s an honor to serve as their trusted and playful messenger, sharing the unlimited wisdom and wit of the Animal Kingdom with the people who love them.

Human Spirits communicate through me to bring comfort, closure, and laughter to their loved ones left behind. As both a Pet & People Medium, you can enjoy a unique family reunion in a private session or event with me as your Messenger. I also provide loving and direct psychic guidance on all areas of life to help you wag more and stress less.

I’ve been intuitive since I was a child, with an inner knowing about people and animals.  Incredibly, I wrote a story at 10 years old, “How the Turtle Got Its Shell”, that predicted the theme of my life – where once my animal-self claimed its innate powers, I could set the other animals on their path to freedom too.  Now, I enjoy sharing my mystical gifts to bring healing, hope, and humor to people, animals, and nature. I’m writing my first book that details the paw-paved road that led to my being an Emcee for the Animal Kingdom.

As a child, I believed all pets go to Heaven.  I was devastated by the death of my first dog, Teddy- and by the school priest who told me that, “animals don’t go to Heaven”.  I KNEW he was wrong, and remained certain in my convictions.  I grew up to have many more dogs and animal friends who proved how very REAL animal communication is; and how without a doubt, they not only went to Heaven, but watch over me daily.  From prophetic dreams where they share messages, to seeing their spirits, to visitations of all kinds- my furry family barks on in the most beautiful and comical ways.  They add great faith and fun to my earthy days. I even have a talking cat that keeps me on my toes as I sleep!

I have the highest integrity for the sacredness of this work, and the trust placed in me by the human beings who grieve; and the Spirits who channel through me messages of profound love, healing and humor.  The animals are my greatest friends and teachers.  There’s nothing I’ve been through- from medical issues to trauma, grief, and unanswered prayers, that hasn’t made me a better Communicator.  Whether it’s an animal or human Spirit that wants to connect through me, they know they’ve got a safe friend they can trust to relay their messages to their loved ones. During our time together, your family becomes my family. Everyone’s in loving hands and paws with the Spring family here and beyond.

My expert work and play with animals comes from who I am, and the courage I’ve developed through the life experiences that have shaped me.  My commitment to this work guides me in reducing and relieving  the suffering of another’s broken heart, whatever their species. This joyful work has made my life meaningful beyond measure, and given purpose to pain. With humble gratitude, I shall serve them and you, until “The Great Paw in the Sky” calls me Home. Peace, fur, and slobber be with you- always.

The most fun I’ve ever had is sharing laughter with the Animal Kingdom, and feeling the laughter of trees in my cells. One day in Findhorn Scotland, while studying nature and animal communication, I learned how trees communicate with each other. Fascinated by their world, I wondered aloud, “Do trees laugh?”.  As nature is about action and not words, it took immediate action answering me in my own body as I slept.  I woke up in uncontrollable, joyful laughter- feeling as if I’d been transported to some paradise where I was LAUGHTER itself!  My cells, bones, blood, and organs… my entire being was alive with a joy I didn’t know was possible.  The trees had shown me the answer I couldn’t find in a book.  It was one of the most rapid and exhilarating forms of manifestation I’ve experienced… and I’ve had some wild experiences! The “Rabbit Hole” is real, and my life has shown me just how much magic is around us and within us- when we’re open to experiencing it. 

When something happens TO us, we don’t need anyone’s validation.  Every day, this work gifts my clients and I with mystical, heart-centered, and evidential communications. I live life differently than most people, spending much of my time in realms that many deny exist, but that the lucky, open-minded souls travel with me to explore. My goal is to help clients with their challenges, inspire them, and guide them to experience their own signs, connections, and doubtless wonder that life continues for animals and people alike. We are all energy, and energy never dies-  whether we are a person, animal or tree.  It’s easy and fun to talk with animals, and access higher dimensional experiences at any time. My days are delightfully weird, and my heart open to love the next animal in need. It’s possible to remove our spiritual blinders- our own plastic cones like the vets give our pets. We can receive divine wisdom, and heal our own wounds through love and laughter … but no licking!

I welcome skeptics because I am both spiritual and practical. If you open, or just crack a small window to let some light, air, and fun into your world, you’re more likely to enjoy these connections. People can debate all they like, whether or not there’s a party going on that they can’t see, hear, or feel.  The animals and I are going to go ahead and just keep enjoying the party. RSVP as you wish. Your two and four footed friends are just waiting to be passed the microphone, and will never have to ask, “Is this thing on?” because I listen and celebrate each one with you.

I have extensive professional training from renowned evidential mediums and authors on the afterlife. I studied at The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland where I was awarded a grant to master communicating with nature and animals. I graduated from animal expert and author, Dr. Maia Kincaid’s Animal Communication Certification program and am trained in the Let Animals Lead®️Reiki Certification program. My B.A. is in Human Development & Communications from Boston College and I earned a Masters in Education from The Citadel. I graduated from The National Speakers Academy and hold numerous certifications as a Humorist and Creativity Coach.

I’m always in awe of the perfect comedic timing of my dogs & all animals! I teach educational and entertaining programs to adults and kids including Humane Education & Animal Communication online, at schools and other venues. I’m also the Founder of Just Humor Me™️ Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired, where I lead team building programs and humor retreats on adding more fun to life and work. My best suggestion for leading a more joyful life is to adopt a rescue pet or two… or the whole shelter!

Awakened Mediumship Gifts

A natural born Medium, my skills were not fully realized, until one day in hypnosis, I was guided to choose a door in a hallway in my mind.  I chose the last door on the right.  When I opened the door, I stepped right into NARNIA!  NARNIA is the land of talking animals celebrated in the C.S. Lewis Book, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, my favorite childhood book.  I instantly reclaimed and awakened my extraordinary gifts that had waited a lifetime to be opened.  There is a whole world of freedom, fun, and life everlasting that we can see, hear, and feel when we simply remove our self imposed limitations.❤️

The animals, nature, and our loved ones in Spirit are waiting to talk with us.  The picture above illustrates my transformation and how “ADVENTURE AWAITS!”.  I am honored to connect you with your loved ones of all species here and in Spirit.  Thank you. 😇

Who should get a reading?
If you have an open heart and mind, and wish to connect with a beloved pet who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, or have a beloved pet in body, you’d like to connect with, Animal Communication is for you!  If you have a beloved human in Spirit, a mediumship reading is for you.  When we understand that all life is energy and that energy never dies, we can learn how to communicate with all types of energy and experience the magic of the life, love, and messages here and beyond.  This is not religion, this is simply LOVE.  If you are willing to suspend disbelief and consider that humans are limited in what we can do, see, and understand, but souls are limitless; you’ll open the door for your loved one to come through, and be able to benefit from connecting with their Spirit.  I appreciate skepticism and also feel compassion for people who miss out on the connection that lives on, regardless of their belief in it.
Who can come through in a reading?
Whomever you’d like to hear from!  This might be a best human or animal friend in Spirit; or the cat or dog who’s currently standing on your head, or chewing your couch…  We can communicate with a person or pet who is on Earth or Heaven.  Contrary to what your cat might tell you, dogs go to Heaven too!  While you’ll hear lots about dogs on here, I love to work with cats and ALL animals.  I also love to work with people.  Energy is energy (and therefore accessible), and messages can be downloaded by a trained medium, much like you can download files onto your computer.  Your loved one and you will have my full attention.  Sometimes my dogs will bark in a comment or two also!  Adventure awaits as we work together to connect with your two or four footed family.  The more open you are, the more you will receive from our session.  The bad news is that if you’re grieving, you’re missing someone.  The good news is that they’re right by your side and are just a conversation away.

Here are two great examples of how close our loved ones are…

A woman who was connecting with her dad through me got many great messages but couldn’t make sense of why he kept mentioning a frog.  She said “I have no idea about any frog”.  As soon as we hung up, she burst out laughing because she had been cross stitching a frog all week!  Her dad was acknowledging he could see what she’s up to!

A cat in Spirit kept telling me to tell mom “It would be nice if you put my face in the locket!  And pass the Milanos.”  Mom pulled out the locket from under her shirt, opened it up and it was empty.  She said that she had been meaning to put his pitcure in it!  And dad was always eating Milano cookies!  They are still a part of our daily lives.  I can’t make this stuff up.  The pets and people guide me to bring you what you need from them.

How do Spirits come through?
Spirit communicates in many creative ways, literally and figuratively, including:  words, images, memories, movies, songs, book titles, or themes, cartoon characters, timeless references, humor, etc.  I see, hear and feel things, that do not come from me, just through me.  Keep in mind, I’m delivering messages from the Spirits’ perspectives.  There are NO limits on what their messages can be, or how they deliver them through me.  Many things will make sense right away.  Other things will resonate later that day, month or a future date.  Each reading is unique and special and a partnership between the Medium, the Spirit, and the Client.
What questions can I ask?
Here are some common questions for pets…

  1. What do you need to be happier and healthier?
  2. How do you like your food, vet, living situation?
  3. How would you feel about us adding another pet?
  4. What is causing your medical illness and what can help?
  5. What kind of signs do you send us to let us know you’re still here?
  6. Are you ready to transition/what do you need?
  7. What name would you like to be called?
  8. What messages do you have for your people?
  9. What do you most/least like to do?
  10. How do you feel about my partner?


Mediumship Questions

  1. What messages or memories would you like to share?
  2. What signs do you send/when are you most near me?
  3. What are you doing now in Spirit?
  4. What advice do you have on my life, love, work?
  5. How was your passing?

Ask what your heart needs to know.  There are no guarantees for answers, but Spirit does provide great evidence that they are with you and they do wish to help you heal.

Heartfelt Testimonials

Woofimonial & Human Mediumship

“Shannon gave me a perfect reading, it was like a beautiful dance.  I didn’t even really believe in this and wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was amazing.  I’ll never look at my dogs the same way again.  It’s incredible how much our animals know and what a difference it makes connecting with them this way.  She’s the real deal.  You should definitely hire her.  She also brought through my mom and dad and the evidence they’re still with me was incredible.  It made me cry and laugh a lot too.”❤️❤️

— Stephanie Lindenberg 

Human Mediumship

Carol’s Reading!

It’s with such fullness in my heart that I say “thank you” to you for your amazing words bringing my friend forward from the Spirit world to my ears and heart!  You captured Carol’s essence absolutely spot on.  From the second I reached out to ask if you were doing people readings, Carol popped in and you shared a line or two that I knew it was her.  Waiting for our session and then the second you started sharing what came through, I knew undeniably that she was there.  It was so beautiful and perfect and just the most special gift you could have given me.

Shannon made the entire call feel like the most loving and connected experience.  The time flew by and yet I felt so filled inside my heart with so much love and happiness.  Even with this loss of a dear friend, it felt so beautiful to connect and have the most peaceful and loving knowing that she’s literally “right there” just a thought away.

Shannon, YOU ARE JUST AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you!  You will be my go to gal from now on when people ask if I know someone who can connect to our loved ones who have passed!!!

— Erin Hughes, LMT

“My pet reading experience with Shannon was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I have had a few experiences with other spirit readers and have never had a reading that was so spot on and detailed as your reading.  Nearly all of the information you provide from my boy RJ was 100% accurate.  When I told you that your reading was truly a gift to me, I meant it.  You told me things that only my RJ and I knew and shared.  You made me laugh, smile, remember, cry and connect with my RJ again.  Thank you Shannon.  Your gift is an amazing one and definitely meant to be shared.  Your words are worth a million dollars!  Keep up the good work.”

— Tory Peters and RJ in Heaven

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Woofshop Woofimonial
I learned SO MUCH at Shannon’s delightful Animal Communication Woofshop in Sarasota last Saturday. I could have listened to her insightful and entertaining  anecdotes all day. It opened up a whole new way of communicating with my dogs, and other animals as well. What a gift our fur babies and Shannon are.

– Irene Page


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