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Shannon & her hero, Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer (Yes, they make a great couple!)

(Teddy, Shannon’s beloved hero dog in small photo and Mr. Lezzard, her Just Humor Me biz partner.)

Woofshops: Animal Communication Training for Adults

“Experience the Unlimited Wit & Wisdom of Our Animal Friends.”

Is it possible to talk with your pet? What would you ask them? Can they tell jokes?  Come meet Professional Animal Communicator,   Medium and Humorist, Shannon Spring, M.Ed, who will share her amazing experiences of speaking with and helping pets and wildlife worldwide. Have fun learning tips on how to communicate with your own pets and how to know them on a deeper level. Shannon helps pets and their people on behavioral, emotional and medical challenges; as well as new pets, pet loss and grief, and human loved ones in Spirit. Bring your pet’s photo, they do not need to be present for the event, as it’s a telepathic process. Shannon doesn’t meet all of her animal clients, as they are around the world; and some of them could eat her! She’s also the Founder of JustHumorMe™️ where she leads Humor Retreats. Shannon’s programs are filled with AHA and HAHA moments! This is a very special event that will furever change your purrspective! This is offered as a one time class and weekend retreat.


Party Animals: Group Pet Readings for Family, Friends or Coworkers!

Host a unique, fun “party animal” event for friends, family or work. 8-10 guests receive 20-30 min Animal Readings, bringing pets or photos. Spilt the cost to save. We’ll connect with your pets here or in Spirit to hear what they wish to share about their health, happiness, challenges, memories, and you. Experience the Unlimited Wisdom & Wit of Our Animal Friends. May include mini animal talk depending on # of guests ❤️. House calls in Sarasota area and Tampa Bay. Online parties too!

“I wanted to have a memorable party for our extended family and we’d done everything under the sun, but this! Shannon was so fun to work with and had everyone laughing and crying with fun things our animals shared. We all learned so much about our pets and how much they love us. We also saw firsthand what Shannon means when she refers to the “unlimited wit and wisdom of our animal friends”. Our hearts and heads were full with love, laughter, amazement and amusement at how much our pets know about us. We all came away with a life changing experience and are so grateful to have met Shannon. She gave us a truly special gift and she is a truly gifted person”  – Robin Green and family


Pet Care with Puppypants!

Learn how to be a great pet sister or brother by learning how to care for a pet’s physical and emotional needs, and fun new ways to connect with your furry BFF! Class is a lively, informative and funny discussion and demonstration with question and answer time and sometimes even singing by Mayor Puppypants! Students may send Mayor Puppypants a question before class or a follow up note after class if they wish. Kids don’t need to have their own pet, as this is for anyone who loves animals. Taught by Just Humor Me Founder™️, Humane Educator, & Animal Communicator, Shannon Spring, M.Ed… kids love this class so much, they’re still talking with excitement after the bell rings! Be sure to enroll in our Woofmeowt Animal Helpers Camp, Animal Communication Camp, and Mutts in Motion class too! Bring your pets to class for extra fun!

“This was a FANTASTIC class! Teacher Shannon is so warm and conversational with the kids. My daughter had so much fun learning and she couldn’t wait to share it all with us!  She’s become much more responsible with pet care.”  – Sara G and Lily

 “My daughter Julia absolutely loved this class and the teacher. She loves  her fun disposition and her positive energy. It was Ms. Shannon’s lighthearted, funny approach that really captivated Julia’s interest. Julia’s been reluctant about taking classes, being nervous about new people… but when she saw Ms Shannons video, she was all in!”  – Dr. J.

 “The teacher is really good at explaining things and Mayor Puppypants is awesome! She taught me how to feed my pets the right foods and cool games to play with them. I’d definitely take more classes with Teacher Shannon.”  – Izaiah age 10 via mom, Ginger

“Ms. Shannon taught us about animals and what’s good and bad for them. Kids who love animals would love this class. It was MY FAVORITE CLASS EVER! The teacher was SO NICE!”.  – Fallon age 7 via mom, Anya


Keynote Pawsentations: Humane Education and Animal Communication Training

Invite Shannon for a keynote to speak to your group about the nature of her work, or to do a staff training for your animal welfare group.  See below.

Choose one or both topics! Animal welfare staff receives training by Shannon Spring, M.Ed Certified Animal Communicator and Humane Educator on proper pet care;  including nutrition, emotions and best practices for running a compassionate, animal centered organization. What kinds of things can help or hurt pets get adopted that staff does have control over? What are some ways staff can better educate their volunteers, adopters, and themselves? We can also have fun learning creative furry fundraising ideas as a team building initiative.  Humane Education is a term that not everyone yet knows of, and that’s a big problem! Humane Education is comprehensive kindness to animals from their environment and empathic care to our thoughtful interactions with them by hearing and being their voices.

Animal Communication trainings teach staff how to LISTEN to the animals in their care, and learn to see things from the animals perspective. It teaches staff to calm their minds, put aside egos and focus on connecting with the animals in a deeper, more respectful way. Animal Communication training changes the way people see animals and opens eyes to what’s possible for the animals and themselves in creating a compassionate, respectful connection. It comes down to using our intuition and understanding humans are not superior to animals. When we can experience things from the animals own voice, we can save their lives and at the very least, greatly improve them and show them, they are seen and loved. Humans don’t always know best… but the animals sure do.


WoofMeowt Pet Helpers Camp!

Wag this way to learn how to Help Shelter Pets; Understand Animal Body Language; Pet Care & Wellness; Create Furry Fundraisers; Basic Pet Training Techniques; Fun Games for Active Pets; Animal Advocacy Skills; Funny Animal Themed Contests; Empathy and Respect for All Creatures. Taught by Shannon Spring, M.Ed, Animal Communicator, Humane Educator, & Humorist. No pets required, but bring them to class if you have them for added fun! Check out our Animal Communication Camp and Mutts in Motion class too!

“My 8 yr.old son absolutely loved this camp! He looked forward to it everyday and would watch the clock asking me How much longer? ALL MORNING LONG! ? Class gave our family valuable resources we will continue to use. His teacher Shannon is a delight! Zachary learned and laughed a lot! I already signed him up for more of her classes! ?” – Jamie May Wasielewski

“Shannon brought so much energy and enthusiasm to every  session. She’s highly knowledgeable and passionate about animal welfare and eager to share with all. We appreciated the creativity and attention for each child.”  –  Rebecca F and daughter Kara



Mutts in Motion! Animal Themed Physical Fitness 

Woof into shape with Meowtastic Moves! Getting into shape should be as fun as pets at play! Come exercise your own paws with Humorist, Shannon Spring, M.Ed and her dogs as you laugh your way through animal themed, low impact, creative physical play. You’ll be doing happy “zoomies” when you sign up to be a Mutt in Motion today! Be sure to check out our Pet Care with Puppypants class & WoofMeowt Pet Helpers & Animal Communication Camps too! 

Moms’s dance moves are super weird. But we love her and so will you.”  –  Kermit, Grover, MayorPuppypants

“My grandkids absolutely love this class, getting fit and staying healthy while having fun. I hear a lot of snort laughter too coming from the other room.”  – Michael Milagro


Pet Heroes Puppet Shows!

Pets are more than family and friends. They are heroes around the world! Join Humorist, Humane Educator, & Animal Communicator, Shannon Spring, M.Ed, and her puppet friends as they bring to life true, heroic tales of furry tails saving lives! These puppet pet heroes spread humor & hope, laughter & learning with crazy fictional twists for extra laughs and “appawlause”. Shannon can also create a unique, heroic and funny tale about your pets for a fun filled family event!

Educational and Entertaining themes to choose from: A Royal Adoption (the Royal family visits a shelter and each member chooses a pet to adopt); Marina Mermaid’s Sea Creature Feature (Caring for Sea Life); The Receiving Tree (community giving back to a special tree).

“Parents will enjoy this as much as their kids. Shannon’s comedy genius shines through these silly shows that somehow teach at the same time!”  – John Waters and family


Party Animals Pet Themed Birthdays!

Woof the Roof!, Meow the Music! Bake the Cake! Pet themed parties, do a good time make! Kids will have a pawtastic time pawticipating in animal themed comedy improv games, funny animal trivia, and hilarious animal centered contests! Pawties can include mini pet readings for each guest too or just the birthday star! Educational components can be added too. Created and funcilitated by Humorist, Humane Educator, & Animal Communicator, Shannon Spring, M.Ed. Message us with your special requests and let’s get this Pawty started!

A creative, fun party for kids that won’t wreck your house! Shannon manages to sneak in kindness to animals lessons throughout all the fun and games. Well done, clever teacher! The kids think you’re very funny. We will be celebrating with you again.”  – Amanda Shores

Animal Communication Camp for Kids! Intuitive Play: Listening, & Talking with Animals of All Species!


Kids will learn how to communicate intuitively with animals of all species from their own pets to wildlife! Kids will laugh and learn as they experience things from the animals’ perspectives. What’s it like to be a bear, lion or dolphin? How do their cats and dogs feel about the games they play or the food they feed them? What about the pig who wanted to learn to spell his name and the turtle who wanted a birthday party? Camp is a really fun way to develop empathy, listening skills and respect for how all creatures have a unique way of communicating. It’s as simple as asking a child what they see, hear, feel and experience when paying attention to all that’s around them. Through humorous games and creative play, kids will learn how to trust their own intuition; and open their hearts and minds to the magic and wisdom of the animal kingdom! Conversations between species used to be a natural way of life, until humans began exploiting nature for greed and stopped respecting Mother Nature.

Camp is taught by Shannon Spring, M.Ed, a “wildly” talented Certified World-Wide Animal Communicator, Humane Educator, & Humorist, who will share amazing stories of her work helping animals in shelters and sanctuaries with behavioral, emotional, and medical challenges, in addition to her adventures with her private clients.

No experience needed. Kids do not have to have their own pet, as they can practice with Shannon’s dogs or photos of a beloved pet, since this is an intuitive process. It’s wise for kids and parents to set the goal of having FUN, rather than how good a student is at this process. The goals for this kids camp are to inspire the students to see what’s possible, to use their senses in a brand new way and to keep learning and practicing as much as they want to!

 “Such a fun and wonderful camp! Perfect if you want to learn how to connect with your animals on a deeper level. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Shannon’s class and way of teaching; gentle, interesting, fun and surprising! 5 stars from us!” – Tine Landy

 “My daughter absolutely LOVED this camp! It’s all she talked about! My husband and I noticed how excited and joyful she was learning how animals think and feel just like her.  Shannon is an engaging teacher full of love.” – Ellen Kaiser